Akhil Mantripragada

Entrepreneur | PM | Software Engineer

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Work Experience & Projects

Pragya Systems

Experience Architect, Product Engineering & Customer Success. Built 6 products used by over 15 universities in US. Pragya Systems builds Higher Education technology that unlocks campus silos and facilitates the flow of information for students, faculty, administrators, and employers. The technology enhances student success and eases the transition from college to a career. Awards: XPrize Skilling Challenge Top 10 (ongoing), NSF SBIR Grant (Phase 1, 2; $1.8 Million value)

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Project Founder - Product & Engineering. Edvey is a Free Online Learning Management Platform that enables Skill Training Centers in India to create, deliver, and sell their online training courses under their own brand. Our platform works with low-bandwidth internet and low-end smartphones without having to download a mobile app or purchasing expensive software packages. We help Skill Development Training Centers go online (for the first time, in many cases) and increase their reach and revenue. Used by 9 Training centers in India.

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Experience Co-Founder - Product & Engineering. Edulinc is an organization and collaboration tool for students and instructors. Edulinc integrates with Dropbox, GitHub and LMS to bring all relevant resources to one place and make collaboration among students and instructors more efficient. Acquired by Pragya Systems Corp. in 2016. Used by 3 Universities.

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Intuitive Inventions

Experience Co-Founder - Engineering. Built Quantitative Literacy Course Data Submission(QLCDS) to efficiently capture student data; QLCDS is being used by over 150 professors for 75 courses at UTSA and reduced workload by more than 75%. Sold the product to UTSA and used the funds to go to grad school at Columbia University.

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